I have had a 98% success rate facilitating UK visas for 9 years now, and in this period of time, the process has been pretty much consistent. The changes have been more on technology and administration, but the content and requirements have been more or less the same. As a result of this, one can have a fair idea of what the outcome of an application would be. However, like everything else, there must be room for exceptions, when, for whatever reason, it just does not go as predicted. In which case you get the feedback and do it again.

For instance, it is very rear for one to be invited for an interview for a tourist visa application after the application has been submitted. This happens in say 1 out of 100 times. I certainly haven’t seen it happen before. Applications are judged by the information given on the form and the supporting documents submitted. So the only chance you get to represent yourself fully is by filling the forms accurately and thoroughly and supporting every single claim stated with the correct documents. Therein lies the burden of proof.

Also, each application is judged based on its own merit. So even though a visa has been issued in the past, the next application will be judged on its own merit, irrespective of past records. This invariably means that every application is a fresh application. I have had clients ask me, “do we have to go through all of this again when it is not the first time?”, and I answer “yes”. It takes the same effort and attention to apply for a visa each and every time.

Listed below are a few facts about the UK tourist visa every applicant or prospective applicant should know

  1. The application is online. The form is filled, payment made, appointment booked and documents submitted online. Biometrics and passports are submitted at a designated physical location.
  2. It takes 15 working days, typically, for the application process to be completed. Shorter or longer periods are exceptions.
  3. A 6 months visa is usually issued for the first application made to the UK for tourism.
  4. Other visa duration available for tourist visa application are 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years visas, each differing in price in ascending order and can be applied for after the first 6 months visa.
  5. Most tourist visas allow multiple entries within the period that the visa is valid
  6. Each stay is limited to 180 days (6 months) no matter how many years the visa is valid for. Failure to comply could result in a restriction of entry on the next visit.
  7. A tourist visa is strictly for visits and does not allow the holder to take on any form of employment whilst in the UK.
  8. A UK tourist visa is meant for the purpose of a holiday or vacation family and friends visit, meetings or interviews, short recreational courses, short volunteer work for a charity, and stuff like that
  9. A valid UK visa allows the holder to visit a number of other countries both in Europe and other continents.
  10. Nigerians are required to have a valid tourist visa to visit the UK for the purposes listed in number 8 above

Note that the information above can be updated at any time, so endeavor to keep abreast with the latest information each time you want to apply for a visa. You can be sure to get up-to-date expert information and assistance at https://approvedentry.com/visa/

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Visa requirements change constantly but we make every effort to keep the information accurate and up to date. We provide links to official sources wherever necessary, so you can conduct your own due diligence to verify the visa requirements before you begin the application process or set out to visit any country. We shall not be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of using the information in this article.

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