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The Global Leadership Training Program is designed for global-minded and motivated young adults from around the world. Participants obtain a variety of training and lead groups of youth participating in Summer Programs in their exploration of the geographical, historical, social, and cultural aspects of Canada. The summer programs are for international youth ages 09 – 17 that join to improve their English skills and learn about Canada. This summer program has now celebrated more than 25 years of offering unique Canadian educational experiences.

The Global Leadership Training Program takes place in North Vancouver (at the institution’s High School) with the opportunity to travel to Victoria and Whistler. Themes covered in both training and practices are multicultural understanding, global communication, awareness of environmental issues, and leadership development.

Global Leaders are responsible for a group of 8 – 14 youth, depending on the ages and cultural mixes. Tasks include planning, leading and joining in a variety of activities throughout the evening and weekends. They act as a role model for the students and a cultural ambassador for their own country. They provide our students with support, guidance, and supervision. All leaders are a part of a team that aims to provide a fun, educational, and memorable summer experience for all participating students.

Upon arrival to the program, three days of training and orientation workshops will be provided before Global Leaders are matched with their group of students. These workshops, hosted by guest speakers, will help educate the Global Leaders on Vancouver, Canadian culture, safety, communication and group leadership. It will also give them the opportunity to get to know the other leaders and understand the summer program structure and guidelines.

The Global Leadership Training Program is a voluntary program. The institution will cover the following costs for participants of the program:

  • Accommodation (from program arrival date to program departure date)
  • Meals (3 per day plus an evening snack)
  • Medical Insurance (for the program duration)
  • International travel allowance
  • Transportation (airport transfers both ways, to all outings)
  • Training & Orientation Workshops
  • Activities, Outings and Weekly Events
  • Two-day Farewell Trip
  • Reference Letter, Official Certificate of Completion & Canadian Souvenirs

Participants of the Global Leadership Training Program will be required to pay and arrange for their own air travel to and from Vancouver.


  • 21 to 35 years of age

  • Educational level of undergrad, college student or graduate
  • Proficient / high level of spoken and written English

  • Demonstrate leadership in school, volunteer work, employment and/or extracurricular activities

  • Interest and experience working with children

  • Learn about Vancouver and Canada before arrival (i.e. history, geography, people, customs, etiquette, etc.)


  • Completed application form
  • Your Resume
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • Photocopy of Valid Passport
  • Skype account (to be used for the interview)
  • Strong/Reliable internet access


Successful applicants at the interview must:

  • Be gainfully/actively occupied in undergraduate or post graduate studies, Youth Service Corp, employment, self employment or volunteering, with relevant documentary evidence(s)
  • Have documentary financial evidence that correspond with current occupation or a sponsor’s (parent or guardian) financial documents. This is applicable mostly to students and youth Corp members.

To participate in the Global Leadership Training Programme for Millennials aged 21 to 35 years 2020, Vancouver Canada, Carefully complete the form and send back with the requisite documents attached within 48 – 72 hours

  • All completed application forms with requisite documents will be screened by 31st of March 2020.
  • Successful applications will be contacted for interview.
  • Applicants that qualify, and are selected after the interviews for the Global Leaders Training Programme will be required to pay the full package price before proceeding with the travel plans which includes:
  • Visa application process
  • Itinerary management



    • Application processing fees
    • Visa fees
    • Return flight ticket
    • Facilitation fees

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