POSITION: Health Care Assistant
LOCATION: United Kingdom
QUALIFICATION: Higher National Diploma (HND) and above
PROCESSING DURATION: 12 weeks minimum


Documentary Requirements

  • Valid International Passport - A scanned copy to be sent at the start of the employment process
  • Certificates for all qualifications (Degree, Diploma etc) - Needed at the start of the process
  • Address(es) for the last 5 years -Needed at the start of the process
  • Work references in last 2 jobs -(Applicant can get support for this if there is none) - Needed at the start of the process
  • IELTS Test Results. Minimum score of 4.0 from UKVI (General) exam. Click the link for more info
    ECCTIS - Evaluation/Comparison of qualifications/certificates for employment by a UK accredited body. A degree certificate and transcripts will be required for this. Click the link for more info
    Either of the options in number 5, needed as the COS process is ongoing
  • Criminal Record Clearance Certificate. Obtainable from the nearest Police Force Command. It’s advisable to get this when the visa application date is sure and in view because of its 3 months validity - Needed as the COS process is ongoing
  • Tuberculosis Test Result/Certificate. Obtained from accredited International Organization for Migration IOM office in Lagos or Abuja using the link below.
    https://nigeria.iom.int/ Advisable to get upon request from the employer because of the 6 months validity - Needed as the COS process is ongoing
  • COVID 19 Vaccination - Needed as the COS process is ongoing
  • Updated CV (Applicant will get support for this). Needed as the COS process is ongoing.

Financial Requirements

  • TOTAL FEE: 15000 GBP (Payable in Naira at prevalent rate)
  • The fee includes
    1. Certificate of Sponsorship (COS)
    3. Criminal Record Clearance Certificate
    4. Tuberculosis Test
    5. Visa Facilitation and Fees
    6. Other fees that may be required such as Bank Statement Support, COVID-19 Vaccine
  • The fee excludes
    - Proof of funds (maybe required) and should be in the applicants account for a minimum of 30 days or until the visa is issued.
    - 1270 GBP for Primary applicant
    - 285 GBP for spouse/partner
    - 315 GBP for one child
    - 200 GBP for each additional child
    NOTE: If the employer agrees to provide proof of funds on your COS there will be no need to provide this. However, if the employer does not provide, the facilitators will provide the Bank Statement Support if it the applicant requires it.

The Process Flow

The application is a two stage process

The first stage is obtaining the COS
The second stage is securing the visa
25% of the total fee is to be paid upfront before commencement.
75% will be paid upon completion before the COS is issued and the visa application process commences. 

If you are qualified and are satisfied with the requirements, please book a call with the facilitator to confirm your spot.


- Persons 18 years old and above
- Graduates of HND and above
- Persons with no criminal record
- Persons with a clean immigration record in the UK
- Persons with complete verifiable documents
- Persons willing and ready to meet all the requirements above

NOTE: Previous UK visa refusals must be stated and refusal letter submitted for sighting before proceeding with the process.

Benefits of the Offer

Clean migration route 

Straightforward process 

Affordable fees

Family inclusion 

 Access to international workforce

Road to Permanent Residency

If you are qualified and are satisfied with the requirements, Please Book A Call With The Facilitator To Confirm Your Spot.

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