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    It’s been said again and again that attitude is everything. Let me reiterate that it is not a cliche. It is a fact that is crucial to your progress, achievement, success and ultimate fulfillment. So like every other thing you do, your attitude towards your visa interview will impact the outcome. When you find out that the application process includes an interview, settle it in your mind that it is just an interview not a
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    There is no mystery about traveling to The US, UK, Canada, The Schengen Region or the country of your dreams. All that’s required like anything else in this world is to know what it takes to. Period! As unpopular as it may sound, there are people who just feel flustered at the mention or even the thought of making any effort towards what they want including taking a trip outside their shores, even though they
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    This is what I refer to as THE IRONY OF THE BANK STATEMENT. Years ago, about the time I was going to fill out my first visa application form, I was told of a man who got a significant financial break through, which was way more than his irregular and rather insignificant income, and immediately applied to go and study abroad. The UK specifically. This was something he had longed for, and alas he had
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    The Alternative Passport Advantage Workshop is an hour long introductory discourse of the latest travel solution offered by ApprovedEntry.Com. For nine years we have successfully facilitated visa applications for individuals and families to various countries of the world, including the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, The Schengen region, The United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Zanzibar and countless others. We still offer that support till date. However, in the course of our work,
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    It is utterly exhilarating to know that with just one visa you can visit 26 countries. I mean, it makes the whole hassle of the visa application process worth it. You may be lost for choice as to which of these counties to visit, if your purpose is not definite, because with your 30, 60, 90 or 180 days visa you can enter any or every county in the Schengen region including: Austria Belgium The
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    A dear young friend and I have been planning her travel for a short while now, carrying out checks and adjustments to ensure that her application is successful. We had one of our travel conversations again a few days ago and she mentioned that her plan, after we secure her tourist visa to France is to apply for a Permanent Residence visa to go and live in Canada. In the course of the conversation she
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    Are your supporting documents valid? Firstly, let’s consider the primary document which is the application form. You should know that sometimes these forms get phased out and are replaced with newer ones; or existing ones get updated and the public is not necessarily notified. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use the current forms. I recall using an old application form for quite a while, when I just stated out facilitating visas, and
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    Your visa application may be refused because of MISREPRESENTATION! There are other reasons, of course, for visa application refusals. One prevalent reason I have seen, though, in my years of facilitating visas is misrepresentation due largely to how the questions on the form are answered. Bear in mind that you are speaking volumes about your self as you fill out the forms, and in most cases, that’s the only opportunity you may have to do
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    Did you know that there are 38 other countries that you can enter visa-free with your UK visa? Well, there are, not just in Europe, but in other continents. Of course, the visa should be valid at the time of the visit and in some cases should be a multiple entry visa that has been used at least once to visit the UK. I personally think this is great stuff for a Nigerian passport holder,
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