• This scholarship opportunity is for students enrolling in either September 2020 or February 2021 term.
  • Scholarship recipients must be students applying to study Grade 12 and be boarding.
  • They must have achieved 80% or better average in grade 11 courses.
  • Successful scholarship recipients will pay for all the required fees for the first year (two academic terms) minus the scholarship amount in order to register.
  • Students will not be entitled to a further scholarship beyond the first year (two academic terms) of study.
  • Students whose fees are paid by parents’ employers are not entitled to this scholarship.
  • There are three categories of scholarship available. Gold, silver and bronze
  • Students must submit in writing a detailed justification for consideration for the scholarship, including academic and other merits of theirs.
  • This scholarship opportunity is one time only, and is applicable only for students reporting latest by the term beginning February 2021.
  • Gold Scholarship C$10,000,
  • Silver Scholarship C$7,500
  • Bronze Scholarship of C$5,000
To be considered for one of the three categories of scholarship, please send an application to:
State why you should be considered for the scholarship and attach all documentary evidence that show that you are scoring 80% and above currently in your Grade 11 courses.