is ready to assist you with visa processing and advise you on the best way to obtain visas  for any country of your choice. We have a 98% success rate with our visa facilitation page and we ensure that the you get quality service for any package you choose.

Our visa facilitation package includes an eligibility test, assisting you with the visa application forms, scrutinizing your documents, fixing appointment dates at the embassy, and a pre-interview session with you where applicable.

Basic Requirements for a UK Visa

For Applicant:
1. Travel Passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from date of travel
2. Business and/or job documents such as employment letter or certificate of incorporation
3. Accommodation documents such as tenancy agreement or Certificate of Ownership
4. Bank statement(s)
5.  Documents of assets owned (if any)
6.  Marriage certificate (if applicable)

For Sponsor:
8. Letter of invitation to applicant
9. Immigration documents
10. Employment documents
11. Accommodation documents
12. Bank statement(s)
13. Evidence(s) of relationship with applicant
14. Documents to prove that circumstances that led to refusal in the past have been annulled or corrected

15. Visa fees 131 USD as at today
16. Visa application facilitation fee 99,900 NGN

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