Visa Application Facilitation

What we do at ApprovedEntry.Com is take on the task of getting you a visa to any country. Do you want to visit family or friends; study or work; attend a conference, business meeting, or event; go for entertainment; have a medical check or a baby, or join a family or loved one permanently?

Whatever your purpose of travel, we take on the hassle of filling lengthy forms, arranging documents, scheduling appointments, tracking the application, and everything else in between. Our job is to get you the visa. Period!

However, because there’s a lot of time and effort involved, we’d like you to know your chances before proceeding. You can find out right away by taking our simple ELIGIBILITY TEST.

Sometimes, we see that even when people know they are eligible to get a visa, they are not sure of what the accompanying documents are. So we have put together a list of basic documents that are required for the visa application process, by most countries for most visa categories.

Do you want further clarity and guidance after taking the test and getting the requirements? Or you just want to skip all that and talk to us instead. You can book a call session where you can ask questions and express your concerns in a conversation with an expert facilitator.