Below is a list of items that are required for your visa application process.

1. Travel Passport valid for 6 months from the date of intended travel
2. Business or job documents (employment letter; company registration)
3. Bank statements (and payslips, if applicable)
4. Accommodation documents such as tenancy agreement or Certificate of Ownership
5. Documents of assets owned (if any)
6. Marriage/ divorce or death certificate (if applicable)
7. Birth certificate of children (if applicable)
8. Letter of invitation from your host – organization or individual (if available)
9. Accommodation details at your destination (if available)
10. Evidence of previous travel (if available)
11. Visa fees (vary for each country)
12. Other VFS centre charges (vary for respective centers)
13. Visa application facilitation fees cost 199,900 NGN per visa.

More documents may be required as the application progresses as the respective countries may have a few additional requirements for each visa category.

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