Basic VISA Requirements

  1. Travel Passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the time of travel with blank pages to place the visa and stamps.
  2. Accommodation documents such as tenancy agreement or Certificate of Ownership
  3. Employment documents such as employment letter, pay slips (if employed)
  4. Business documents including Certificate of Incorporation and all other related documents and correspondences (if applicable)
  5. Bank statements (corporate and/or personal) as is applicable. Click here for professional assessment, if required.
  6. Tax clearance certificate (business and/or personal) as is applicable
  7. Documents of assets owned (if any) e.g. lands, buildings, stocks and bonds, liquid assets or other investment(s)
  8. Evidence of previous travels like visas and/ or stamped passport pages (if any). Click here to get expert advice on your travel history
  9. Evidence of marital status such as marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate of spouse, etc
  10. Birth certificate for minors (ages 18 and below, if applicable)
  11. Invitation letter (if available) Or evidence of accommodation at a destination like Hotel booking. Click here to book, if required
  12. Return flight booking. Click here to book, if required
  13. Travel and Health insurance covering the period of travel. Click here to get one, if required.
  14. Sponsors documents including Passport biodata page, job/business documents, 6 months bank statement, utility bill(s) showing address, letter of confirmation etc (if applicable)
  15. All applicable fees for the respective countries including visa fees, appointment fees and any other that may be demanded.

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