What is the 48 hours Fix?

The 48 hours fix is a brief getaway, preferably on a weekend, from your usual work vicinity and routine activities to a quiet facility where you will mostly rest and experience the recovery that comes with relaxation.
It is a well-planned and structured leisure getaway that forces you to relax, put your feet up and blow off steam. In those 48 hours, it's all about you. Period!

Because that's just enough time for you to refresh right in the middle of the demands of everyday life. The idea is to offer you rest and relaxation, not to bore you.

Who is it For?



- Extremely engaged in work and activities that leave them with little or no time for rest and relaxation
- Seeking to reward themselves for achievement, an increase, a birthday, or other notable accomplishments
- Seeking to have some time to themselves to reflect and perhaps reboot



- Who need time away from the demands that have kept them from having quality time with each other for a period.
- Marking their wedding anniversary or the birthday of the other together.
- Recovering from a strenuous period in their relationship



- Such as a family who just need some time away from the house and the routines that never seem to change.
- Or a group of colleagues taking time off the demands of work to relax and probably discover the interests of one another.
- A group of friends seeking a short break from the usual, to indulge in and probably discover other pleasures.

What's Included?

What's Included in the fix

- Return flight
- Airport meet and greet
- Chauffeur
- 2 nights luxury accommodation
- Fine dining
- Spa (including sauna/hot tub, massage, facials, Pedi/Manicure)
- Outdoor activities such as nature walk, swimming, tennis, golf, horseback riding, bicycle riding
- Other preferred leisure activity at client's request (optional)
- Sleep, lounge, sleep some more

What will I be doing?

- Sleeping
- Lounging
- Sauntering
- Eating well
- Drinking plenty of water
- Getting pampered

What may I not do?

- Work (directly or indirectly)
- Use your mobile devices (frequently)
- Have too much to drink (alcoholic and other refined / heavily sweetened beverages)
- Eat junk
- Exert yourself

Ready to Sign up?

Book Your Slot not sooner than 10 days from your intended date of Departure.