ApprovedEntry.com was birthed from a desire to demystify the visa application processes to most countries, after having first hand experiences of how straightforward it really is to visit any country and even reside there temporarily or permanently depending on the situation.

The company started by offering visa facilitation services for countries where a visa is required before entry is granted. Then almost immediately added Itinerary management services which includes flight and hotel bookings, as clients who successfully obtained a visa from our service asked us to take care of the ensuing trip after they got their visa.

Approved Entry now offers holiday packages as well as bespoke holidays at clients request.

Our 98% success rate in facilitating visas to the United Kingdom has positioned us as the “go to” experts for visa facilitation to the United Kingdom, while we still undertake visa facilitation to other countries.

We are all about travel. The Traveler, The Travel Plan and The Travel Experience. Our aim is to make it easier for people to see other parts of the world outside their immediate borders.

ApprovedEntry.Com is registered and located in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

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