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Eligibility Test

Assess yourself. Take this simple test to know if you are ready to start your visa application right away. $9/NGN4,900 per test

List of Basic Requirements

Prepare ahead. Know the documents required to complete your visa application process. $9/NGN4,900 per download

Bank Statement Assessment Support

An expert assessment of your financial statement and suggestions for improvement if necessary. $19/NGN9,900 per application

Visa fee payment support

Get help with paying your visa fees in foreign currencies $19/NGN9,900 per application

Appointment booking support

Do you need help with booking your appointment? We can help you. $19/NGN9,900 per booking

Document Assembling and Arrangement Support

Do you want an expert advice on whether your documents are in order $19/NGN9,900 per assessment

Travel History Support

Prepare ahead. Call to get expert advice on how to build your travel history before you apply $49/NGN19,900

Application Proof Reading

You have successfully completed your application form, but now you need a pair of expert eyes. We’ve got you. $19/NGN9,900 per application

Consultation Call with Visa Expert

Ask all your questions and express your concerns in a conversation with an expert. $49/NGN19,900 per call

Complete DIY Visa Application Guide eBook

If you are a first-time applicant, or you have had no success applying in the past or you just want to DIY. This is your book. $9/NGN4,900 per copy

Complete DIWY Visa Application Video Guide

It will be just like an expert sitting by you, and guiding you through the process. (A perfect pair with the Complete D.I.Y Visa Application Guide) $19/NGN9,900 per session

Live Visa Application Facilitation - DIWY

An expert will guide you through the process from start to finish through a video conference. $199/NGN99,900 per application, all other fees excluded.

Complete Visa Application Facilitation - DIFY

Do It For You - The entire visa application process will be done for you physically. $499/NGN249,900

Travel Insurance for Visa Application

Health Insurance for Visa Application

Flight Itinerary for Visa Application

Accommodation Booking for Visa Application

EXCLUSIVE OFFER - Immigrant Visas

Do you want to join family or loved ones abroad permanently? To get the required support, please book a call with an expert. $99/NGN49,900

EXCLUSIVE OFFER - Digital Nomad Visa

Are you considering working remotely while traveling the world?

Flight Itinerary for Visa Application


The services offered here are advisory and may be accepted or rejected by the recipient. The shop is set up to help make the visa application process easier and improve the chances of success. ApprovedEntry.Com is not affiliated to the immigrations service, therefore, the support offered through these services are from personal and work experience. There are no refunds for payments after purchase, irrespective of the outcomes.

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