Meet Your Facilitator

Data Akpan

chief consultant & facilitator

Data Akpan is The Chief Travel Facilitator of ApprovedEntry.Com an online travel company that continues to help those with restrictive passports live their travel dreams.

She has a personal and work experience of 9 years facilitating visas and bespoke travel experiences with a 98% success rate helping individuals and families secure their first visas ever and have their first leisure experiences beyond their shores.

With the expertise and support of her team, she has taken up the hassles of applying for visas and planning holidays from many who can not deal with the fuss.

She has helped families join their loved ones abroad permanently and continues relentlessly to offer support and solutions that will make it attainable for those with restrictive passports to travel and explore as much of this big beautiful world as they wish.

She recently added two eBooks to further her solutions to help more people succeed at their travel endeavours.